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Workshop animal farming and consumption

Workshop "The acceptability of animal farming and related consumption behaviour: the keys to understanding your own and others' reasoning"

In this workshop, through interactive choice and thought experiments, attention will be paid to the consumer-citizen issue, to animal welfare, environmental impact and health, and you will understand why some people turn vegetarian and others remain meat-eaters - no matter what your own choice in the matter is.

The second half of the workshop is designed to make you aware of the different forces present within all of us that urge us to do one thing in one situation and another thing in a different situation, and helps shed light on cognitive dissonance and the various strategic ways people have of dealing with the icky feeling associated with it.

In short, if you feel lost in the plurality of arguments regarding animal husbandry and its consequences and want to get a clear overview of the logic of different ways of reasoning and behaviour, this workshop is for you.

Workshop organiser: dr. Hanneke Nijland, independent researcher and research consultant on project related to human-animal-nature relations and sustainability.