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Workshop: Zoo Animal Welfare: are we happy together?

Animal welfare is one of the priorities in modern zoos. Animal welfare assessment is varying in occurrence and scrutiny. Not many validated protocols are available and used.

This workshop will focus on different tools to assess the welfare of zoo animals with a special attention for tools based on social aspects. Is the visitor visiting/watching a social group or just an isolated family of which members are at best interested in each other or at worst irritated by or even killing each other? How does the social composition of the group compares to a natural/wild social group? In what way is the social composition of a zoo group within the adaptation capacity or resilience of the individual/species?

In this workshop we discuss the value and use of wild/captive comparisons, space use, multispecies exhibits, social network analysis and the cost-benefit analysis of keeping and managing animals/species in a social group.

Workshop organisers:

  • dr. Paul Koene, Wageningen Livestock Research
  • José Kok, Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen
  • Jens Krause, Leeds University, UK